Various Cells (Parody of Brentalfloss' Miitomo with Lyrics)

We’ll come to a town where
Sins are total black and needs
A great, mighty, sinless Savior
From their yoke of evil deeds

Some find our words confusing
Since the news that we present
Is a stumbling block to Hebrews
A scandal to the Gents

Once they’ve got our backs
Lashed we can’t help but praise; rejoice
The stripes are worth to have
When we are following His voice

Stoned to death, we saw the light
And while they burn us back
“Forgive them Lord, they don’t know why
they’re fighting You with that.”

“Be released from all your sins, man!”
Waiting for a pleasant answer
But then most of their reactions
Is to throw us in the slammer

Once we got released, we
End up preaching as we can
And that more gets us arrested
From one prison to the next

Coz we’re locked in various cells
Kept and locked in prison cells
We pass the time by singing hymns
While locked and chained in cells

Kept us locked in various cells
Coz the Gospel doesn’t sell
We tried out clothes of hides of goats
But mostly we were locked in various cells

Inside those cells our purpose is to

Intend to tell the birth, the news
The cross, the resurrection
Of Jesus’ second coming
After seeing His ascension

If you want to find out more about
What this should mean to you
Jesus saves by faith through grace
Not by works that you must do

He did die for our sins after
Having lived the righteousness
Three days resurrected so that
We won’t feel the sting of death

You’ll have a bunch of people
Seeking blood to beat you up
For the faith you are defending
Hoping all sins can be crushed

First get locked in various cells
Kept and locked in inner cells
Don’t care how much our blood will gush
Warn them of His wrath and hell

While we’re locked in various cells
Pray to God for strength and help
To keep the faith of preachers
Who mostly will be locked in various cells

We can’t use God’s Word
Without getting us locked up, dead we’ll be
But when we’re up there
We all get our lives and opportunity
To go Home


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