Holy Bible (Parody of "What Do I Know" by Ed Sheeran)

 (This was my song entry
for the National Bible Month 2019 Songwriting Contest

Verse 1:
Out of the voices we can stand upon
Our God gave us the standard to ground our lives on
So Timothy, my son, don’t you get involved
In false apostles’ teachings, nor their devious codes

Refrain 1:
I’ll point to Scripture lest you be deceived
You’ve known them as a child and have been taught what they mean
Then you’ll pass on these teachings; do you know where they lead?
Salvation through Christ Jesus – wise in faith you’ll be

Chorus 1:
In your teaching, reproving, correcting faults
In your training in righteousness – it’s profitable
It turns you, boy, to a man who shows
Holy maturity, knowledge in the LORD grows

Every kind of good work all these writings endow
And the skill necessary to make godliest goals
And the discerning spirit – what is true, what is false

For God breathed out His Word when men wrote it
The Holy Bible
Proverbs, Pentateuch, Psalms, the Prophets
The Holy Bible
And the rest of them in the canon

Verse 2:
The heresies are coming so we mustn’t delay
Instruct proper ways to exegete today
The work required for that is worth the pain
It forges men of zeal to pass the faith to faith

Refrain 2:
So many teachers said that they have seen
The Lord and have some untold messages to bring
But let’s all test together – with some reading we can see
What God has really said with fullest certainty

Chorus 2:
With so many folks claiming the way God spoke
Through some visions, and signs, and some dreams – how can we know
In testing truth fakes will be exposed
Use our reason, traditions, experience. Although

Every human standard’s bound to slip down the slope
We should stop making guesses, let opinions go
And what is written here represents what God spoke

Coz what is absolute can be known in
The Holy Bible
All the Christian guides should conform with
The Holy Bible
If our teachings don’t, we reform them

Refrain 3:
The early Christians did their best to bring
The manuscripts and then be passed to you and me
The set’s collated later – at least that’s the Greek
Say, both Old and New Testament had histories

Chorus 3:
We appreciate the works like Tyndale, who wrote
A translation to English, but he went on deathrow
His sacrifice meant we get a book
In a language that we the poor commoners know

Spreading the Good News about Christ Jesus to most
Which then sparked reformations from the lowliest folks
And I’ll be stating how Sola Scriptura goes:

The sole, infallible rule of faith is
the Holy Bible
God’s authoritative Word’s found in
the Holy Bible
We can’t change the truth that’s contained in
The Holy Bible